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Meeting from Strathalbyn Town Hall Meeting to discuss the closure

of Kalimna Aged Care Facility in Strathalbyn





Malcolm: If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

David Flint

Mike Williams Talks to Professor David Flint- January 4th


2 January 2017 

The only reason  you'd change a constitution as good as Australia's would be to improve it. The worst reason is that something has been  imported. Just as our language is, so is most of the  constitution.

Instead of calling for some republic - and then not even knowing what sort of republic he wants - Malcolm Turnbull should be leading the nation in finding a solution to our increasing problems.

The fact is we're already a republic, a crowned republic .  In  1999, Turnbull  championed an extreme version of a politicians' republic, so bad it was  condemned by a team  of constitutional experts  at a  NSW University  forum.  It was the only known republic  where it'd  be easier for the PM  to sack the President that his driver. At a debate against Turnbull  in Corowa in 1999, I confided to my debating team-mate, independent republican Ted Mack – one of our most honest politicians  − that  I'd been warning  the ARM  their  model could never protect us from a dangerously authoritarian  government. He said ''They know that. That's precisely what they want ''. 

Turnbull's fundamental problem is  the  one that perplexed him  in the 90s - finding a plausible reason  for  this momentous,  complicated , expensive and  divisive change. The ARM had been  looking increasingly foolish for  making ridiculous claims about  their  republic, including that it  would  reduce unemployment, improve trade, stop the brain drain, raise spirits and−  I'm not joking−  increase immigration. They eventually hit on a diplomatic term  so obscure  it wasn't  even in the  Macquarie dictionary. They claimed that only in a republic could we have  an Australian as head of state.  Returning to this at the ARM dinner, Turnbull curiously forgot  his carefully worded  excuse for being a no-show at the June ceremony when our  Vietnam War dead were brought back home. He explained  that  the government had been  well represented there by the Australian head of state, the Governor-General. Not surprising − that's what we've been  telling foreign governments for years. 

And it's not as if there aren't far more important issues  to resolve. It's not well understood that these are the direct result of the prevailing and perverse  interpretation of our Constitution.  This is better understood in the US where Donald Trump accepts  the common sense principle that the  constitution has the meaning  reasonable people intended at the time it was adopted.  So he's promised not to appoint  activist judges who insist on changing the constitution against the people's wishes.

It's fundamental to our constitution that  Canberra can acquire additional  powers only  if the people agree.  But when the people kept on saying no, the judges just reinterpreted the Constitution. The result is that Canberra is now a centralised monstrosity, wasting billions of taxpayers' funds.  It's hard to identify a problem in Australia today which has not been caused or made worse by our ruling politicians.

How else can we explain the serious decline in our educational standards while Canberra funds a Marxist inspired 'gender' fluidity program involving penis tucking and breast flattening? How else could we  be sending  our coal to China to burn there  while we're closing power stations here with the  result  that our energy prices are now among the highest in the world , strangling our manufacturing industries?  Although the Constitution clearly provides a right in our farmers to the reasonable use of the waters in our rivers, the politicians have seen to it that rights to use our water have become the speculative plaything of foreign merchant bankers. When the people gave Canberra a power to regulate marriages, they clearly understood what that meant. They certainly didn't intend that Canberra would give tacit recognition to polygamous marriages, even  requiring hard- working taxpayers to fund them, nor taking away our fundamental right to free speech on spurious racial grounds.

There's a monetary value in forcing  the elites to give us back our  constitution and our country. Experts have  told  state governments  that a return to true federalism, such as that practised in Switzerland , would increase our GDP by around  $130 billion a year .

With that we'd soon pay off our debts with money left over. 


[ This comment was published on 2 January 2017 in The Daily Telegraph, Sydney]

Australia could come up Trumps

David Flint

The Daily Telegraph November 23, 2016

WHEN in the final weeks of the US presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s 2005 video recording was leaked, few newspapers would have been prepared to publish my comment in The Telegraph that the real issue was who had the better policies. My conclusion was that on every count, Trump’s were superior and would restore America. With a President Hillary ­Clinton there would be, as economist Thomas Sowell says, a “third consecutive administration dedicated to dismantling the institutions that kept America free, imposing the social vision of the smug elites.”

So forget the locker room talk, I argued, the choice was ­obvious — Trump.

Among the comments I received was one from a friend of almost 60 years’ standing who emailed: “Have you lost your marbles? Trump is a boorish, ignorant, bigoted, narcissistic demagogue, a disaster.” But like most in the media, he was reassured by the polls.

This was a view shared by most politicians and the mainstream media — the political class I wrote about in 2003 in my prematurely named The Twilight Of The Elites, and more recently with Jai Martinkovits in Give Us Back Our Country.

The elites are now at least prominent in so many institutions — schools, universities, courts, churches and political parties even extending into the US Republican establishment and our Liberal and National parties.

Just look at the attempted suppression of the greyhound industry and the forced amalgamation of local government — both illiberal and what we would expect from the Left.

Both the Democrats and Labor now favour the inner-city elites and have abandoned much of their working-class base. They have adopted one of the elites’ key religious dogmas — global warming.

This involves the massive reduction of CO2 emissions by transferring industrial ­production to China and the Third World on the illogical argument that burning coal there will not matter and notwithstanding the fact that world temperatures have been stable for two decades.

(Hypocritically, the elites allow one exemption on reducing emissions — politicians’ and celebrities’ hyper CO2 footprints.).

The extraordinary thing is that whenever the elites’ ­policy is pushed, whether it be global warming, gender fluidity, centralised health and politicised school ­curriculums, the US Republicans and the Australian Coalition then follow and remain in lock-step. The result is that Australian energy, which was once among the cheapest in the world, is now one of the most expensive. This has the result that jobs are being destroyed just as the elites’ global warming water policy is making farms unviable.

Donald Trump rejects this and has an agenda that will reduce taxes and regulation, just as Ronald Reagan did, ­incentivise the return of massive funds to the US for reindustrialisation and decentralise the government.

He promises to restore federalism, handing back education to the states, and will dismantle the failed ­Obamacare leviathan.

Above all, like Tony ­Abbott, he will protect and defend the borders and ­welcome only those immigrants who will contribute, assimilate and become real Americans, neither terrorists nor criminals.

And just as Abbott did what the elites said could not be done and turned ­back the boats, Trump will ­secure the Mexican border, as any president should.

While he will be careful about military interventions, he overwhelmingly rejects Barack Obama’s and Clinton’s ­inexplicable kowtowing to the mullahs in ­Tehran, unleashing their development of ­nuclear weapons and ICBMs and releasing billions of sanctioned dollars, ­knowing they are committed to state terrorism and ­fulfilling their agendas of “Death to Israel’’ and “Death to America’’.

One of the major reasons so many Americans prefer Trump, including evangelicals, is that he is committed to ending the illegitimate rule of left-wing activist judges who have decided the constitution should mean what they want it to mean and not what it originally meant.

Their greatest outrage was to decide there was a constitutionally entrenched right to abort, a matter the founding fathers clearly left to the states.

Trump has released a list of highly qualified lawyers who would interpret the constitution as it was intended and from whom he will nominate judges.

Australia could follow this, restoring not only the federation but the express, constitutionally entrenched right of farmers to the reasonable use of the waters from our rivers, thus allowing them to truly make Australia and the ­Murray-Darling what all ­politicians seem to sprout — the food bowl of Asia.


[Professor David Flint is the National Convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy and a former chair of the Australian Press Council and the Australian Broadcasting ­Authority.]

& I SALUTE YOU !!! ~ Peter Manuel.


 Rebekha Sharkie's maiden speech was excellent. It is great how Rebekha mentions Mayo, is classed as a Rural Electorate. It certainly is at that, with our Cropping, Beef Cattle, Sheep Production, Wool and Fat Lambs also our Wine. Rebekha is spot on in saying our Senior Citizens have already paid there fair share of Tax.

Rebekha also mentions, Manufacturing and Industry, which helped to build our great State. How True that is. She is right, but look what has happend under a Liberal Labour Coalition. Manufacturing and Industry has gone overseas, what a Disgrace that is Rebekha. Know wonder you received the votes you did. People have had a gutful of the LNP, Labour and greens.

Rebekha knows how important the Mum and Dad Farmers are In her Electorate and Australia wide. And to be viable we need more Dams.

So we can drought proof our Farms and grow clean Healthy Food for All.

Senator Malcolm Roberts, in his maiden speech nailed it. He called for a OzExit. He is spot on, we need to get right away from this Non Elected UN, so we can Govern in our own right.Malcolm also mentions UN Agenda 21 and 30. This Agenda is about Total Control of our lives and needs to be Stopped ASAP. Isn't it amazing how we don't here anything about UN Agenda 21or 30, from the LNP, Labour or greens who are Allegedly all signatories.

Malcolm all we need now, is to get rid of this ridiculous Draconian Enviro- Mental Dictatorship, which is hampering our ability to grow clean healthy Food for all. Also Water needs to be restored to the Land. John Howard in 2004 with Malcolm Turnbull as Water Minister, separated Water from Land. And now over $50 billion worth of our Water Rights has been SOLD to overseas investors. This is a Disgrace. Well done Malcolm, you are saying things where other politicians FEAR TO TREAD. All the best.


After listening to Pauline's speech, no wonder she received over half a million votes.Pauline will go where other Politicians fear to tread. Pauline is saying what a lot of Australians are thinking.The Greens showed there True colours, by walking out when Pauline was speaking. Who are the Bigots??? I am sure Pauline wouldn't be so Rude in walking out on anyone even if she didn't agree with what they were saying.It's been a hard slog Pauline but, your back and badly needed. We wish you all the best.



 Filming of FLAG's "Meet the Candidates" Night is now live on our Youtube Channel.



The following people have made themselves available to listen to your

concerns and answer your questions publicly on the night of

Wanda Marsh - Australian Liberty Alliance

John Hahn - Shooters and Fishers and Farmers Party

Nick Carter - Shooters and Fishers and Farmers Party

Steven Burgess - Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Judith Kurschner - Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party

Michael Noack - Liberal Democrats

Lyn Grosser - Justice Party

Mark Aldridge - Independent for Wakefield

Alex Kozlow - Citizens Electoral Council

Candidates who have responded to our invitation but are unable to attend

Rebekha Sharkie - Nick Xenophon Team

John Bolton - Independent

Tania Nobble - Animal Justice Party

Candidates who have not responded

Bob Day - Family First Party

To date:  Greens, Labor and Liberals have not responded to FLAGs invitation to attend this public discussion. 

(and you guys want the people’s Vote?) 





The ADVERTISER NEWSPAPER will also be in attendance on the night.

Please click here to read article in its original pdf file








New electric windmill is a game changer.

South Australian entrepreneur David Ettridge has recently installed his new small-scale vertical axis windmill at Aldinga in South Australia.

It is an off-grid unit fitted with either 1.5kw or 3kw of DC generation designed to charge batteries on its own or in conjunction with solar power.  It is available in two versions - a rooftop and a windmill.

‘I see it as providing off grid power generation for people who wish to incorporate 24 hour a day wind into their renewable energy mix, and for food producers and property owners who need to replace worn out windmills’ Ettridge said.

‘For example, if added to a solar system the two complement each other for water pumping or battery charging’. He added.

‘My design is totally silent, vibration free, has the full weight of the turbine magnetically levitated, it is hinged at the base for easy installation and maintenance at ground level, will make compliance with OHS rules easy, it can operate at wind speeds up to 130kph without blade damage, remains visible to avoid bird strikes and it will be supplied in a flat pack kit form direct to buyers to avoid middle man margins’ Mr Ettridge added.

‘There are thousands of rusting windmills around Australia and my low price windmill will make an affordable replacement with the advantage that it can charge batteries and supply power for 12 and 24 volt water pumps’ Ettridge said.

Production will commence in early 2016 based upon sufficient advance orders to meet volume manufacturing economies. It will be supplied out of SA at around A$7,000. This price includes one 1.5kw generator, voltage controller, dump load unit but not batteries and any electrical fitting. It will be delivered with an easy to follow DIY instruction showing how to assemble the product. Local assistance is available and it can be installed in less than a day.

‘The NRGPLUS Windmill is the result of four years of R&D and the product is a strong, lightweight design with a patent applied blade structure which I believe is close to being indestructible. The turbine starts in very slow winds and has considerable torque for its size. It delivers a 2.5 gearing to its generator’ Ettridge said.

Details are on the website www.nrgplus.com.au  


Contact  David Ettridge   phone:   0417 049285                       email: davett@bigpond.com

FLAG Australia would like to thank Cathy Angel pictured in the middle of Peter and Brian. Cathy is the main organiser of the Stockman Challenge in Strathalbyn. This event raises a lot of money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Flag Australia Inc. Made a Thousand Dollar Donation to the R F D S. The Royal Flying Doctor Service, helps people who are sick and injured in Remote and Regional areas of Australia. Peter and the Board of Flag would like to thank our Subscribers for $30.00 a year subscription so we can help out our fellow Australians.




Pauline Ackland

Another city friend who signed our petition against this Govt. Taxing the rain that falls freely from the sky onto our farms. Also with me, helping with petitions, far right farmer Lindsay Gibson. Next to the left of Lindsay, Peter Minervini owner of the IGA store in Strathalbyn. Thanks for your help today boys. Regards Peter.


Peter Manuel will be on the steps of Parliament House tomorrow the 28th of August collecting signatures to a petition against the right to take water Levy from 10.00am to 3.00pm. 



This information was handed out at a water meeting called by Vicki Chapman at Uraidla Football Club on the 24/08/2015.
Please read and take note of chapter 9, where it states we are asked to pay a water levy ( we were not asked Chris Daniels ) we are forced.
Please refer to Consequences of Late or Default in Payment under Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (the 'Act') at the bottom of this article.
People need to know what is really going on!!!!
Peter Manuel



Opinion piece for publication.
Water levy makes it fairer for all
Chris Daniels

The recent introduction of a water levy for commercial water users in the Western Mt Lofty Ranges has resulted in misconceptions that local farmers are being charged for watering stock and everyday domestic use around their homes when this is not the case.

In fact the bills they may have received are for the right to take water from the environment for commercial purposes such as irrigating crops.

To a casual observer, the question might be why are they being charged anything at all?

The answer that won't surprise too many South Australians is that water is a scarce resource. And, as the Western Mt Lofty Ranges provides on average 60% of Adelaide's annual water supply and sustains primary production worth $230 million, it is crucial that we manage and use these precious water resources with care.

Already, licenced commercial water users in 17 other districts across the state, including the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Northern Adelaide Plains, contribute to managing the water resources on which their businesses depend.

To do this, the state's natural resources management boards have the responsibility for developing water allocation plans to ensure that town dwellers, farmers, industry and the environment receive a fair, sustainable share of our limited water resources.

Not surprisingly, this work and the ongoing monitoring of water quality and quantity require funding.

Town water users contribute to this through a levy paid by SA Water to ensure enough clean water is available from our hills catchments for the city's residents and industry.

Similarly, licenced, commercial water users in the Western Mt Lofty Ranges, most of them farmers who irrigate, are also asked to pay a water levy to support the management of the resource they use.

However, the water levy does not apply to water used for stock watering or domestic use on a rural property. The relevant legislation, the Natural Resources Management Act, ensures this.

Water licences first became available to property owners in the Western Mt Lofty Ranges based on the historical use of water on the property, and many took up that opportunity.

But whether that water licence is being used or not, the water levy applies.

So what should someone do who has a commercial water licence but doesn't use it?

They have three options.

To avoid paying a water levy in future they can simply hand the licence in and this doesn't affect their right to use water for stock and domestic purposes.

Alternatively they might want to retain it and pay the water levy because it gives them an option to irrigate or use water for another commercial purpose in future.

Finally, they could retain the licence in expectation that a tradeable market for water licences will soon develop in the Western Mt Lofty Ranges. When that happens, they will have an asset that can be traded or sold.

Whichever choice a landholder makes, it is essential that as a community we ensure the state's water resources are shared fairly between all users, and the water levy is a critical part of this process.

Chris Daniels is the Presiding Member of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board.

Consequences of Late or Default in Payment under Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (the 'Act')

Section 110 of the Act imposes interest on the unpaid levy or unpaid levy instalments.

Section 107(1) of the Act states that where a person who holds a water licence or an imported water permit has failed to pay a levy, or an instalment of a levy, within three months after- ling served with a notice under secbarr 105, the Minister may serve further notice on the holder of the licence or permit requiring payment within a period of not less than one month and stating that the licence or permit (as the case may be) may be cancelled, suspended or varied by the Minister if the amount is not paid within that time.

Section 107(2) of the Act states that the Minister may cancel, suspend or vary the water licence or imported water permit, by seven days written notice served on the holder of the licence or permit if the levy or instalment is not paid in accordance with the notice referred to in section 107(1).

Under section 113 of the Act where a levy, or interest in relation to a levy, is a first charge on land and has been unpaid for three year or more, the Minister may sell the land:



27 August 2015

On behalf of myself and Mayor Keith Parkes of Alexandrina Council I would like to thank you Jeremy Cordeaux for having us in your studio on your No 1 night time talk back show, to enable us to inform your listeners in regard to the proposed out of town Retail Development for Strathalbyn.

I had a lot of phone calls and support after your interview.

And what a great outcome the proposed Retail Development will not go ahead. 

Once again thank you very much from myself and Mayor Keith Parkes.


Peter Manuel

Founder Executive / Director

Flag Australia Inc. 




Dear Minister,

Hon. John Rau MP


  • Deputy Premier
  • Attorney-General
  • Minister for Justice Reform
  • Minister for Planning
  • Minister for Housing and Urban Development
  • Minister for Industrial Relations
  • Minister for Child Protection Reform

The community and business owners of Strathalbyn and tourists would like to express their sincere gratitude for your due diligence in making the decision to oppose the commercial rezoning of the out of town retail development.

It is commendable that you have listened to the voices of the people which is a rare commodity in this day and age and I will be calling Jeremy Cordeaux  from Radio 5AA on Monday night to publicly acknowledge you. 

Kind regards

Peter Manuel


Founder Executive/Director FLAG Australia Inc.

Our Founder Executive / Director Peter Manuel,

Through his hard work and commitment to the farmers of Australia has today saved another farmer with a huge issue from being taken to court.

This is just a small glimpse of what Peter does for no gain or reward.

He is just so passionate about fairness for our Farmers and their right to Farm.

He just goes on quietly about his work or may not so quietly some times, and most of our subscribers would know if they need his assistance he will be there for them.

Well done again Peter.

Louise Wittkop


Flag Australia Inc.


Lord Christopher Monckton exposes the lefts Agenda to remove Tony Abbott.

Letter to the Editor 10/08/2015


At a time when job losses are huge in the Mining Industry, Holden closure is going to hit SA severely and we already have the highest unemployment in Australia, would you not think, that if this government had half a brain they would look after the biggest money earner in Australia, Agriculture?

BUT GUESS WHAT? This government through the Natural Resources Management Board (NRMB) is forcing Mum and Dad farmers off their land.

HOW? By charging for water that falls freely from the sky, this is nothing short of criminal. This will cause food prices to skyrocket and this will have an effect on all businesses. When Farmers are doing well it has a positive chain reaction on the economy.

Mum and Dad famers have paid for their water when they purchased their properties.

E.g. if you buy a property in a high rainfall area you pay more for that property.

FLAG AUSTRALIA Inc. strongly opposes the charging of water no matter where your farm is in Australia.

This is not just about the Western Mt Lofty Ranges; it must be a level playing field for all Farmers. 

Is it time to have a class action against the NRMB, obviously this department does not eat. 

Peter Manuel

Founder/Executive Director



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